Aironix Systems


Vision System

A Vecow expandable chassis, RCS-7422A was transformed into a high definition vision system using Hypervision frame-grabbers. We made mechanical adaptations in order to include 3 x 2TB military SSDs, including utilisation of one of the slots. The latest streaming software was used in order to maximise functionality of the unit.

Rugged tablet for major hospital

A RuggON ruggPad PM-511 (with an Intel Atom Processor), was installed with an in-house designed healthcare software application. A customized bracket enabled mounting of the tablet on the medical trolley serving as a medical monitor display.

Ground control station for UAV

A RuggOn PM-521 with Bay Trail processor was adapted to provide 3 x USB outputs on-board. The fully rugged tablet, with 1000 nits display and multi-touch was then designed into a Mil-Std. ground control station for UAV’s.

Computer adapted to airborn standard

A Vecow RCS-7404, fitted with a core i7 CPU, extended temperature memory and SSD, and coated add-on cards was adapted by Mayatech to airborne standards.

Customized small-form-factor unit

A Vecow chassis based on ABP-2015 was modified and custom board was used. The system was adapted for transport purposes. 8GB Wide-Temp memory and 16GB mSATA Wide Temp were used. The following features were added: Start-up on Power On. A 2 pin connector for 12vDC input. A 5th RS-422.

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