Aironix Systems


Tactical 10.1″ Tablet

  • Intel® CoreTM-i7-7600U (3.9 GHz)
  • 1000 Nits Brightness
  • 6 Programmable Function Keys
  • G.F.G. Touchscreen
  • Dual battery for extended operation
  • Command and control joystick
  • Expansion Slot
  • IP65 & Compliant with MIL-STD 810 & 461


The STORM-100 features a 1000 Nit brightness 10.1” resistive multi-touch display that can be operated with gloves. Equipped with dual capacity batteries and powered by Intel®7th Gen, Core i7-7600U processor. IP65 rated, the tablet can be customized to meet the needs of the user, from cable connectors to wireless options. A multi-function capability that can be configured (software required) to operate & control connected sensors, from an Unmanned Ground Vehicle to an Unmanned Ariel Vehicle. An ideal capability for Light Force users be it in the mounted or dismounted environment.

STORM-100_Rugged Tablet_01 


Main Features

Mast Mounted Surveillance and Target Acquisition

Instead of being merely an information display, the tablet is an integrated computer system, a platform capability which can adjust the position of the device and utilise its capability. This solution provides the additional functionality to allow other capabilities to be integrated into the system, including map overlays and meshed targeting software. Operating the STORM 100 and integrated software, the operator can monitor, assess, report and act upon their area of responsibility and beyond traditional line of sight battlefields, whilst informing a wider audience for further strategic planning.

Military Tablet STROM100 

(1)Operate day and night

STORM-100 features a high-brightness screen, specifically for outdoor use in direct sunlight.

(2)GFG Resistive Touchscreen

Using GFG touch technology, the screen can be operated with direct touch, when using gloves or with a stylus. Robust & rugged by design.

(3)Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is optimized to reduce noticeable light reflection, making the STORM-100 appear brighter in high ambient light environments and direct sunlight.

(4)Robust FISCHER IO

Equipped with FISCHER Ultimate/Minimax series for proven durability & high-performance shielding.

(5)Command & Control

Integrated with a command & control joystick to allow the operation of connected sensors. Multi-function, multi-use.

(6) Frame Grabber Card

Integrated vision system with frame grabber card. Capture, store & analyze.

(7) Programmable Keys

3 programmable function keys for user pre-defined capability. SHIFT key to allow the operation of alternate functionality.

(8) Rugged Design

MIL-STD 461 & 810 compliant and rated IP65. True rugged performance.



Applied Scenarios

Tethered Drones Management System

Since the mass introduction of drones, their defence and security importance have become progressively prevalent, both in an offensive and defensive capability. While traditional man-portable drones have become increasingly useful for forward reconnaissance, battery life can limit the effectiveness because the drone will constantly be brought down to replace the battery, which will provide time gaps for the surveillance. On the other hand, tethered drones are not constrained by battery life, providing constant views of an area without any halts for recharging.

In Defence and Law Enforcement fields, tethered drones are utilised as an integral part of their layered approach to both STA and security operations due to their capability to cover large areas at once. The operators can monitor activities from the live feedback transmitted to the tablet in all environments, night and day. STORM100 is armed with a command and control joystick to allow the operation of any connected sensor. Given the capability that all sensors such as radars and STA sensors can be configured in STORM100, the 3D joystick, programmable function keys and touch screen capability gives the user maximum flexibility and control to manipulate all attached system functionality.

Military Tablet STROM100