The HE4K-01 is an H.264 encoder and decoder solution supporting HD resolutions up to 2160p at 30 frames per second (4K Ultra HD). This system offers 4K encoding and decoding capabilities while still consuming less power than a PC Based system. The HE4K-01 also offers a feature of simultaneously streaming one source in 4K + 1080p30. Its compact form factor makes is easily transportable for a variety of applications. The HE4K-01 is a network-enabled, cost-effective system that is the ideal 4K solution for industrial video, video distribution, digital signage, security and remote monitoring.

-H.264 Encode up to 4K Ultra HD.
-Simultaneous Stream One Source in 4K + HD.
-Supports Sony VISCA™ Camera Control.
-Record to Storage Options.
-Low Power Consumption.
-Compact Form Factor.


TRUEN 4K encoder TCS-3500 provides various user interface which enables to perfectly use in various fields, such as sport and game broadcasting, and highway traffic status monitoring.

Max 24fps@4096x2160, 30fps@3840x2160.
- MPEG2-TS Supported
- Quadruple Streaming
- 1 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T
- Audio Embedded in HD-SDI & HDMI
- Dual power (DC/PoE)
- ONVIF, PSIA Compliant
- Various Input format : 3G-SDI/HDMI
- H.264/MJPEG, Max, 16Mbps


8 Channels HD SDI/Composite Rugged Low Latency H265 Video Encoder

-Low latency H265/H264 video encoder with 4 HD SDI video inputs at 1920*1080p60 and 4 Composite video inputs.
-Design to meet 461 and 804 Mil spec.
-Low latency Player can be provided to reach up to 120 msec delay glass to glass.
-Low power -15 watts.


The DME-10 is among the first compact HEVC/H.265 video encoders available on the market. The DME-10 natively supports HEVC/H.265 or H.264 encoding in resolutions up to 1080p60. Featuring interfaces such as 3G-SDI, HDMI and Composite, the DME-10 can be quickly integrated in to a variety of solutions. Users can adopt this new video compression standard in applications such as video and security surveillance, web-based video streaming, high performance computing and industrial video.

-HEVC/H.265 or H.264 Video Encode up to 1080p60.
-Pro-MPEG Forward Error Correction and Zixi Feeder™ enabled.
-STANAG 4609/NGA MISP compliant (KLV).
-Compact Design for Easy Storage.
-Stream One Source in Multiple Resolutions.


-H.265/H.264 Dual Camera Video Streaming.
-Interfaces with SDI, LVDS, Parallel CMOS, Cameralink and Composite cameras.
-Programmable to support a variety of cameras.
-High Quality Low Latency Encoding Pass Through.
-Camera Control Commands over IP.
-ONVIF® Profile S Compliant.
-Composite Video Monitor Output.