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While searching for industrial switch, you should follow several guidelines, such as reliability, advanced security, functionality as well as easy management. For more information about this item, and its various advantages, contact Aironix. Formed in 2016, this leading company follows a specific vision: using its knowledge to become one of Israel’s significant providers of industrial military and medical PC solutions. Aside from industrial switch, Aironix also provides items such as industrial displays, rugged tablet and notebook, industrial SSD and more.

Significant information about industrial switch

The industrial switch is also known as industrial Ethernet switch. This item is usually used for industrial control. As a result of the network standards adopted nowadays, this item is often used in the realm of industrial control. In other words, it is designed to meet the immediate requirements of industrial control – while solving communication network security and more – in real time.
These days, most of the industrial switches used include features such as remote monitoring, remote configuration, port mapping and more. Furthermore, these switches are often managed by either serial port, the web or network management software.
When searching for the industrial switches, you should read following:
Are you in need of industrial Ethernet layer switch or industrial lite layer switch?
How many switches will assist you in your work?
And more.

Contact the experts

If you are in need of industrial switch, and wish to consult with experts about the relevant type that will meet your needs – contact Aironix. Formed in 2016 by veterans of Israel hi-tech, this company’s staff hold a deep knowledge of the industrial market, technical expertise and contracts with top manufacturers from around the world.


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