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When searching for industrial keyboards, you are guarantying high-end durability throughout complex conditions. Moreover, these type of keyboards are the perfect fit for several kinds of industries: medicine, military, crude oil and many more. To learn more about these advanced keyboards, and purchase them, you are more than welcome contacting Aironix. Israeli hi-tech veterans established this company in 2016. Over the years, this company has gained an immense knowledge in industrial computer market, as well as technical expertise and contracts with top manufacturers around the world.

Important aspects about industrial keyboards

Industrial keyboards are peripheral devices that contain alphanumeric keys – as well as electromechanical buttons. The user of the keyboards presses these items in order to put certain characters to the computer. As opposed to other types of keyboards, the industrial ones are usually connected directly to the processor. This way, the processor can scan and identify the keys currently pressed.
Either way, when searching for this type of keyboards, one should follow certain criteria. We will point out some of them throughout the following:
What number of keys do you need? The standard number includes 101 or 102 keys. However, these days there are several configurations available.
What kind of protection are you interested in for the keyboards? From vandal-proof, water-proof to explosion-proof, you ought to choose one.

Find the solution for the customer’s demands

If you are in need of industrial keyboards, look no further: Aironix is one of the most advanced companies today to offer system solutions for ground, airborne, medical, naval and telecom industries. This company’s staff holds deep knowledge of the contemporary computer market. Accordingly, they will find the right solution for your demands.


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